Join the creative marketplace where millions of shoppers spend
Billions a year in purchases directly from creative entrepreneurs like you

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You can achieve strong profits with us with very small fees on your sales without any monthly subscription, with the lowest prices for daily and monthly ads as well. Be creative and unleash

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We provide you with full technical support on how to manage your store, how to get more views for your products, and solve any problem you face. Our support team works around the clock.

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Powerful tools in your control panel to manage your store professionally without prior experience. Now you can easily place a product and advertise it on our platform with ease.

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Reach more buyers by promoting your listings in search or using our free tools to share your items on Oriental and social media.

Manage your business from anywhere

Manage your business with ease From receiving customer requests
And identify the elements

Accept payments seamlessly

Manage payment processing to make it easy for buyers to checkout by any method they choose.

Analytics to improve your sales

Detailed statistics showing performance trends and traffic sources, so you can stay on top of your business.



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Join the creative marketplace where millions of shoppers spend
Billions a year in purchases directly from creative entrepreneurs like you

Selling Advantages

  • Create a free store without any costs.
  • There are no additional monthly fees.
  • Add an unlimited number of your products for free.
  • Smart and advanced tools to manage your store.
  • Multiple payment methods.
  • Ensuring safe transactions on our platform.
  • Collect your profits automatically.
  • You can design a custom order for your customer.
  • Advertise your products to attract more customers.
  • Technical support around the clock at your service.
  • Marketing your products and reaching the largest number of customers.
  • Free shipping anywhere in Egypt.
  • You can talk to your customers easily using the chat available on our platform.

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نوران عبدالباسط

انا مبسوطة ان بقي في منصة زي اورينتال مجمعة المنتجات الهاندميد في مكان واحد وانا شخصيا ببيع عليها الشنط بتاعتي ومعتمدة عليها اعتماد كامل بجد شابوو

سلمي راضي

احلي حاجة عجباني موضوع الاعلانات علي المنصة ده فرق معايا كتير في البيع بصراحة وسهل وانا بعمله وتكاليفه بسيطة مقارنة بالبيع

مروة الباسل

فكرة جامدة بصراحة انكم تجمعوا كل الناس والفنانين اللي بتشتغل حرف يدوية في مكان واحد والمنصة روحها حلوة وفيها مميزات كتير حبيتها ومنتجات متنوعة

نيللي شريف

لوحة تحكم التاجر احترافية اوي والادوات والاحصائيات حاجة كده بنت ناس واحلي حاجة ان الانضمام ببلاش شكرا لفريق عمل اورينتال

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